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Transforming Spaces: Our Latest Wabi-Sabi Apartment eDesign Project

Updated: Jun 24

Elevate Your Space with Wabi-Sabi Style Apartment Design


At The LUXE Interior based in the vibrant city of Dubai we specialize in delivering bespoke online virtual interior design services worldwide. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D renderings and virtual reality, we bring your design dreams to life, no matter where you are. Today, we’re thrilled to share our latest project, which showcases our innovative approach to modern living spaces. We particularly cater to clients in the USA, including cities like Miami, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

Project Overview

This project involved redesigning a sophisticated apartment to create a harmonious blend of Boho and Wabi-Sabi styles. Our goal was to craft a serene, inviting atmosphere that captures both the essence of contemporary design and the personal style of our client. The use of neutral tones, organic textures, and modern furnishings plays a pivotal role in achieving this vision.

The Living Area: Modern Comfort with a View

In the living area, we focused on maximizing comfort and the breathtaking view, with a blend of Boho and Wabi-Sabi elements. Key features include:

  • Open Layout: The seamless integration of the kitchen and living space promotes a sense of openness and fluidity, perfect for both relaxation and entertaining.

  • Furniture: Curved, contemporary furniture pieces in soft, neutral tones offer both style and comfort. The large windows flood the space with natural light, highlighting the elegant design elements.

Luxury fur chair fendi casa in white
  • Accents: Subtle decorative elements, such as vases with natural foliage and thoughtfully selected art pieces, add personality and character to the space without overwhelming it.

  • Materials: The use of natural materials like wood and stone in the kitchen area adds a touch of organic warmth, creating a balanced contrast with the modern furniture.but also ensure longevity.

The Bedroom: A Sanctuary of Serenity

The bedroom is designed to be a tranquil retreat, incorporating elements of Boho and Wabi-Sabi design. Key elements include:

  • Color Palette: Soft, neutral hues dominate the space, promoting relaxation and calm. Warm browns and creams complement the white backdrop, adding depth and warmth.

  • Furniture: A plush, upholstered bed takes center stage, flanked by minimalist side tables. The combination of textures—from the bedding to the throw blanket—adds a cozy, layered feel.

  • Lighting: A modern, sculptural pendant light provides both functional and aesthetic value, creating a focal point above the bed.

  • Decor: Thoughtfully placed greenery, woven textures, and decorative pillows enhance the room's inviting ambiance, making it the perfect sanctuary for rest.


This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional virtual interior design services. By leveraging the latest technology in 3D rendering and virtual reality, we can transform any space into a personalized sanctuary. Whether you’re looking to redesign a single room or an entire home, The LUXE Interior is here to bring your vision to life. We proudly serve clients from Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and other major cities.

luxury furniture fendi casa in white

yellow sofa by Dolce & Cabana

For more information on our eDesign services or to start your own design journey, Schedule a consultation contact us today!

The Luxe Interior led by visionary founder Elise Kotelnikova, has transitioned its operations from Las Vegas to Dubai, signaling a new era of innovation and excellence. Originating from Russia, Elise honed her interior design skills in the United States, graduating from The Art Institute of Las Vegas before launching The Luxe Interior Design in Las Vegas and now in Dubai, UAE


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